PORTRAITBen is a media technologist specializing in content and digital publishing technology. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in New Media Publishing from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has expertise in print, web, and mobile technologies. He previously was project manager and researcher for the Open Publishing Lab, DPCI, and Evolphin. He currently works as a Solutions Consultant for Adobe specializing in Document Services.

At a very young age, he started to become very interested in publishing and media. At the age of seven, with guidance from his father, he started using Apple Macintosh computers with a scanner to color in his coloring books using Adobe Photoshop. At the age of eight, he created my own small newsletter titled “Newsamania” to document things going on in his family’s life and events at his school. At age eleven, he became the layout designer for the Elementary school newsletter “What’s Happenin’?”. Upon moving up to Middle School, he became the designer for the short-lived Middle School newsletter, “The Middle School Monitor.”

Throughout his childhood, his family was always heavily involved in the production of the school’s annual yearbook. His father was the schools portrait photographer. Through this, he gained access to facilities not often available to a young teenager.

At the age of thirteen, he began taking lessons in guitar. Some of Ben’s greatest guitar heroes include Richie Sambora, Tommy Emmanuel, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Eric Clapton. After graduating from High School, he deferred his acceptance to Rochester Institute of Technology to attend the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, England to study Guitar Performance. While there, he was privileged to study with such amazing tutors such as Pete Friesen (former Alice Cooper guitarist), Giorgio Serci, and many others. He earned my diploma in Guitar Performance.

After realizing that his true passion was within publishing technology in an industry that was soon to be transformed by the mobile market, he attended the School of Print Media at the Rochester Institute of Technology, earning his Bachelors of Science in New Media Publishing. While there, he became involved in the Open Publishing Lab, reinforcing his belief support open source technologies, refining his skills in programming, application architecture, and project management. He specialized in cross-media publishing technologies, understanding the needs and limitations of a variety of different platforms and learn out to extend them.

He worked at DPCI as a Field Engineer and Technical Services Manager. There he worked with a variety of different companies to help them implement their Adobe Digital Publishing Suite publications, optimize their cross-media production processes, and develop tools for digital publishing.

After leaving DPCI, he worked for Evolphin Software Inc. as a Solutions Engineer, providing consulting to customers during the pre-sales and post-sales process to ensure that customers were able to successfully integrate digital asset management systems into their organization. This included providing consulting to broadcast video customers, publishing customers, e-retail customers, and other industries.

Currently, Ben works at Adobe as a Solutions Consultant, providing pre-sales consulting to customers on how to use the document solutions such as Adobe Acrobat and other solutions.

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  2. Hi Ben,

    My name’s John. I am working on a music book project consisting of text and images – the book concerns teaching musical instruments. Looking for someone to work on the images: tables, and simple graphics. Considering that the work is done in Omnigraffle. Could you be interested?

    Found you name on the http://www.dpci.com

    With regards,
    John Harman

  3. Can’t wait for the book man praying that He’ll guide you throguh the process and bless you with even greater wisdom every step of the way!All the best

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